Superheroes’ Part-Time work: Because no-one Pays Them For Saving the whole world

Besides preserving the whole world, they’ve been just like us, they need money for residing, meals, drink, everyday needs. I do believe the highest priced things tend to be their particular breathtaking costumes.

regrettably, they don’t get payed for preserving the planet. Due to their really unique ability, they surely can get a part-time job for their lifestyle.

even more personality can get their particular part-time jobs in the near future.

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Laundry Shop

Sport Shop

Apple Farm

Rat Catcher


Sheep Farm

Meat Shop

Pizza House

Roasted Chicken Shop

Road Construction


Veggie Farm

Window Cleansing

No Job


material Factory

Secret Show

Ice Cube Brands

Cleansing Business

Knives Hurled Show


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