Large Straw Dinosaurs Invade Japanese areas After Rice Harvest

Niigata Prefecture, Japan, has considered a novel method to use the straw remaining from their particular rice harvest. A “wara” or rice-straw festival is held every August 31st, in which local artists build fancy straw sculptures over wood frames. The structures permit the statues become bigger and allow spectators connect to all of them.

Amy Goda, an aspiring regional musician, has actually gained popularity for her spectacular rice-straw dinosaur sculptures. The woman massive animals have made the Wara Art Festival popular online. Visitors hoping to get a glimpse of the special sculptures can head to Uwasekigata Park in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward, in which they’ll stay before the beginning of November.

Niigata Prefecture keeps its Wara Art Festival every August 31st

“Wara” implies rice-straw in Japanese

Image credits: amymauscd

Rice-straw is a by-product of the annual rice harvest

Image credits: kiyukatawani

The straw is mounted on wooden frames to give you stability and allow for higher size

The results are surprising

Image credits: amymauscd

Amy Goda scientific studies art in Niigata Prefecture

Her incredible dinosaurs have drawn intercontinental attention

Various techniques are acclimatized to produce the behemoths

Image credits: agedashi0210

The method always develop thatched cottages is similar to which used for sculptures

This makes for stable structures that site visitors can connect to

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Image credits: amymauscd

Image credits: amymauscd

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