An incredible number of Dots Form Intricate Pen Drawings to improve ecological Awareness

California artist Kyle Leonard, who draws stunningly detail by detail stippled art with an incredible number of dots, is empowered because of the normal world and politics, particularly the politics that affect the way we treat the environmental surroundings. “I draw everyday as an innovative outlet and also for the meditative top-notch it.”

Leonard goes on to state that he is “inspired by many different musicians like Escher, Haeckel, and street performers like Alexis Diaz and phlegm. We invest about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on dimensions and complexity. My primary method of attracting is stippling but In Addition utilize cross-hatching.”

more details: | Instagram | Society6 | Deviantart (h/t: mymodernmet)

“i will be mainly empowered because of the all-natural globe and… the way we treat the environment”

“I invest about 6 to 100 hours for each piece dependent on dimensions and complexity”

“I draw everyday as a creative socket and for the meditative top-notch it”

“My primary method of attracting is stippling but I also use cross-hatching”

“I am motivated by many various performers like Escher, Haeckel, and road artists like Alexis Diaz and phlegm”

“Advice, trust your creative instincts if you’re producing and allow it happen”

“Create everything enjoy producing maybe not what you think other individuals will appreciate”

“Most of all rehearse your craft”

“No you’re born an amazing singer”

“They are built through many years of rehearse and patience”

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