Technologist sets Angled Mirror Under Hummingbird Feeder And Spends Hours tracking Their Activity

Hummingbirds consume nearly half their weight in sugar day-after-day to endure, and as a consequence choose plants whose nectar has actually a sugar content of 10percent or maybe more. Many people establish hummingbird feeders in their yards to see and enjoy these small animals, but Brian Maffitt, of Chestnut Ridge, ny, chose to simply take this a step more. He put up an angled mirror and utilized a camera to fully capture these birds in action.

“we sat back at my patio and took a few hundred pics over a long time,” Maffitt writes on Reddit. “I had the camera secured down in handbook mode, and used a cable remote to take bursts once they would appear to feed…It’s a composite image of approximately 60 photographs…and I didn’t overlap any of all of them when I composited all of them. It was only an artistic choice.”

The wild birds in photos are typically feminine Ruby-throated hummingbirds. Maffitt utilized Canon 5D Mk III at 1/4000/sec, f 5.6, using a Canon 100-400 contact. The pictures had been assembled in Photoshop using roughly 70 layers, with one last quality of 3600 pixels by 11,000 pixels.

“I sat on my patio and took a hundred or so photos over several hours. I experienced the digital camera secured straight down in handbook mode, and used a cable remote to take bursts when they would show up to give…”

This is what the setup appeared as if:

“Whenever I Happened To Be creating the mirror it lured some fascinated titmice”

Another example of a Photoshop file intended to capture the motion of home Sparrows:

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