Canadian Photographer Captures Polar Bears Playing In Flower Fields

We rarely see polar bears beyond a snowy Arctic environment, but these bears are no strangers to using enjoyable in the summer! In an unusual number of photos by Canadian professional photographer Dennis Quick, these white giants are noticed frolicking in a field of fireweed. The photos were consumed Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay, near lodges operate by Churchill crazy in Manitoba. Fast explains their desire for polar bears inside interview excerpt.

“[I]t’s not only their particular colour that makes all of them a favourite target of my camera,” Quick informs My contemporary Met. “They have actually a slow, ambling gait because they drift about looking for anything that techniques. It seems like they don’t have a care in the world, and that there is nothing they are afraid off. It’s maybe not arrogance, exactly, but a quiet self-confidence that people frequently respect in people and therefore converts well towards polar bear.”

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“Most people are knowledgeable about shots of polar bears in ice and snowfall of Hudson Bay in Northern Canada and in other polar regions”

“They are incredibly ingrained in people’s thoughts which you might think the North encounters only winter,” Quick informed My contemporary Met

“Polar bears will play with any such thing inside their environment”

“i’ve seen a large male hold a number of blades of lawn in his huge paws and chew on them for a long period as though he liked the texture”

“On another event, I laughed out loud when I watched a relaxed polar bear bare his teeth to pluck a single rose from a stem of fireweed flowers and move it around between their lips!”

“Like many individuals, I Adore white pets, if it is Arctic foxes, snowy owls, or polar bears”

“However, it is not only their particular color that produces them your favourite target of my camera”

“They have actually a slow, ambling gait as they drift about in search of whatever moves”

“It appears like they don’t have a care on earth, and therefore there is nothing they are afraid of”

“in the long run, i really hope my photographs encourage individuals to care about all wildlife also to do their particular part”

“It is a shame to lose anything as iconic as polar bear”

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